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NOTICE: We have migrated all accounts to ultra-fast cloud servers using pure RAID10 SSD storage technology. If your email is no longer connecting, please update your hostname from to mail.<your-domain>. Cpanel can still be accessed via http://<your-domain>/cpanel

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The Gold package is aimed at medium to large size websites, websites that utilise forum software (such as Vbulletin, phpBB, Invision Board etc..), websites that use databases and websites that require a lot of space and bandwidth. If you fit the description, this is the package for you; with a massive 1GB of disk space and a huge 40GB bandwidth allowance per month, you sure get value for money. Gold Package
What does this mean?Disk Space1GB
What does this mean?Bandwidth (Monthly Limit)40GB's
What does this mean?POP3 EmailsUnlimited
What does this mean?Sub DomainsUnlimited
What does this mean?MySQL DatabasesUnlimited
What does this mean?FTP AccountsUnlimited
What does this mean?Control Panel (view a demo)
What does this mean?Mailing ListsUnlimited
What does this mean?Autoresponders
What does this mean?E-mail filtering
What does this mean?Anti Spam filters
What does this mean?SMTP
What does this mean?Webmail
What does this mean?Frontpage Extensions
What does this mean?Secure Server (SSL)
What does this mean?PHP 5 or 7
What does this mean?Perl
What does this mean?CGI-BIN/SSI
What does this mean?Resource Meter
What does this mean?Counters
What does this mean?Web Stats
What does this mean?File Manager
What does this mean?Custom Error Pages
What does this mean?Password Protection
What does this mean?Apache Handlers
What does this mean?Accessible Backup
What does this mean?CGI Scripts
What does this mean?Shopping Cart
Gold Package
Only 40.00 per year!

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Over the past few days I have gone back and forth trying to find out simple information from various other hosting companies that I have to deal with for various sites I maintain and this is the first time someone has actually answered my question concisely and quickly. - Kirsty Jay, Spain

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