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Here is what our customers say about us. If you are a customer and would like to leave your own review, please use the contact form.

 I can't recommend Cj-Hosting highly enough. I've never heard of a company that has such a good personal touch and where their replies don't follow a script. I always feel that if any issues arise, they will be taken seriously and fixed straight away. I don't know how they do it with their ridiculously low prices, but I'm happy with them. Just give them a go: you won't be disappointed! 
- Fabrizio Martellucci, United Kingdom
 I am very happy with my experiences so far and have told many friends, best wishes Ed. 
- Ed van der Walle, Netherlands
 Very easy to understand, thanks for such a great service 
- Sarah Potter, Ireland
 Its my first ever website and so being new I was very wary of it all, but you have delighted me with ease of use - and excellent hosting..and great price too the right price really. 
- Gary Wilson, United Kingdom
 I am very pleased with the service and haven't experienced any problems. Would recommend, A* 
- Matthew Cruse, United Kingdom
 If you are looking for a UK based web hosting company, look no furthur. Super service! 
- Ian, United Kingdom
 This host has never let me down, A+ service and support. 
- Phil, United Kingdom
 I went with CJ Hosting because of the low price. I wasn't expecting such excellent service and efficiency. I am very impressed and now host all my sites here! 
- Michelle Knight, United Kingdom
 Over the past few days I have gone back and forth trying to find out simple information from various other hosting companies that I have to deal with for various sites I maintain and this is the first time someone has actually answered my question concisely and quickly. 
- Kirsty Jay, Spain
 Always have sorted out any problems I have had. For the cost it can’t be beaten! 
- Simon Davies, United Kingdom
 Brilliant service compared to my last web host, I highly recommend this host. 
- Richard, United Kingdom
 Great hosting service, great value for money, and service is the best i have seen. Dont look elsewhere stick with CJ-HOSTING! 
- Tom F, United Kingdom
 The customer service is incredible. I sent them an email, and before I knew it, they responded with the answers that I needed. 
- HitsBam, United States of America
 Just what i needed, affordable hosting, with a user-friendly control panel. 
- Raj Johal, United Kingdom
 Excellent support for SSL certificate setup. Very fast support communications, and outstanding QOS with regards to the overall package. 
- Nimo, United Kingdom
 CJ Website Hosting is simply fantastic. Don't waste time looking elsewhere the service is second to none. 
- Craig Robson, United Kingdom
 I own a hosting company, and I'm not scared to say that CJ Hosting offers a spectacular service, not only the packages but the effort this company puts into support. Keep up the good work guys :) 
- Chris Dale, United Kingdom
 For price and service you won't find anything better. 
- Corin Holness, United Kingdom
 I've shopped around so much, and found most providers charge a lot more for what CJ Website Hosting are currently providing for me. I've never known my site to go down. 
- Tarlochan Singh, United Kingdom
 CJ Website Hosting is extremely good value for money and the service is excellent. 
- Terry Field, United Kingdom
 At first I thought the prices were too good to be true but now all of my websites are hosted at CJ Website Hosting! 
- Anup Saund, United Kingdom

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What our customers say

Excellent support for SSL certificate setup. Very fast support communications, and outstanding QOS with regards to the overall package. - Nimo, United Kingdom

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