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So you want to join the affiliate program? Or are you just wondering what it's all about?

The affiliate program allows you to earn money, 5% of all sales to be precise. That means that if you send a customer to us and they purchase the Gold Package, for example, you will earn 2.00!

Affiliate Process

Already we have affiliates earning up to 20 per week for simply sending us potential customers. So how do you send customers to CJ Website Hosting? Well, that is the easy part - all you have to do is add a text link, banner or button to your website with a special identification number which is unique to your account.

The process of generating leads, or sales, is very simple; as illustrated in the diagram on the right.

A visitor comes from your website or email link (containing your unique affiliate id) - to any page of our website. As long as your affiliate id is passed in the URL, we will log you as the referer and the visitor will have a 30 day cookie set (meaning they can come back within 30 days and you will still earn your commission!).

If the visitor turns into a customer of CJ Website Hosting - your affiliate account will instantly be updated with the 5% amount you have earned. You will be able to track statistics in the View Stats section of Account Control (see below).

CJ Website Hosting will award affiliates when total has reached 20 or more. All you need to supply us with is your paypal address or payee details so that we can pay you by cheque or bank transfer.

Affiliate Statistics

You can track how many visitors click through to CJ Website Hosting, how many leads you have generated and how much you have earned. Click the image to the right to see an example:

To get started you will need to register for a members account with us, to get started, click continue:

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What our customers say

I own a hosting company, and I'm not scared to say that CJ Hosting offers a spectacular service, not only the packages but the effort this company puts into support. Keep up the good work guys :) - Chris Dale, United Kingdom

Our Promise

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