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The data centre

Data Centre
Our network is Cisco powered, with HSRP across core equipment and utilising BGP4 routing to guarantee redundacy and fastest-route-to-host.

The datacentre's infastructure, is truly first class, with the latest gas-based fire protection systems, specialised heat and smoke sensors, raised flooring, diverse power supplies with diesel back up generator's. The data floor is kept at a constant 21C 2C and relative humidity is kept at 50% 10%.

The facility operate's computerised building management systems that monitor and remotely operate sensors covering electrical, mechanical, fire detection and leak detection systems. Security is a key feature, with visual identification being needed to access the datafloor, and also access is limited via individually programmed Proximity Access Cards (PAC), usage of the PAC is logged centrally by time and date.

Multi homed

We use two network providers - Easynet and Clara.net - with BGP4 routing. This means that if one provider goes down data will still be passed via the second network.

Clara.net network

"Claranet has built a resilient network to ensure optimal service levels for our customers across Europe. Using a robust architecture based on proven, best of breed hardware with multiple metropolitan fibre rings, Claranet provides mission critical levels of connectivity both nationally and across Europe."

Clara.net network

Easynet network

Easynet network

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For price and service you won't find anything better. - Corin Holness, United Kingdom

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